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Aww Yeah!
- Patty Adams

NAME: Shawn Ashmore

WHERE YOU'VE SEEN HIM: As student Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, in last year's X-Men and X2 out May 2.

WHY WE PICKED HIM: Sweet smile, baby-blue eyes, and a sensitive action hero -- how could we resist this 23-year-old from Toronto?

BEST THING ABOUT THE SEQUEL: Shawn has a bigger part -- he gets a girlfriend (Rogue, played by Anna Paquin) and perfects his freezing power.

WORST THING ABOUT THE SEQUEL: He's not in any love scenes. "Rogue and I are dating, but since her touch harms people, we can't even kiss."

WHAT HE HAS IN COMMON WITH MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY: Shawn's a twin. And his brother Aaron's also an actor whom you may have seen in The Skulls II.

WHAT HE DOESN'T HAVE IN COMMON WITH THE OLSEN TWINS: "Aaron and I aren't coming out with a clothing or makeup line."

WHY HE NEEDS A GIRL TO HOLD HIS HAND: So that he won't bite his fingernails. "That's my worst habit. I've even tried wearing bitter nail polish, but nothing works." Want to help him kick the habit? He's single...

YM / Transcript by Pam