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Shawn Ashmore (X2's Iceman) one cool guy
- Jeremy Large, Starship Movie Columnist

I was terrified, (my first interview), but Shawn Ashmore, the Canadian actor who plays Bobby Drake (Iceman) in X2: X-Men United, immediately put me at ease, signing one of my X-Men comics. And then, the interview began.

Q What was it like to find out that you were to have a much bigger role in X2?

A I found out at the last minute but it was really exciting.

Q What was it like being on the set for X2?

A It was great. The whole cast from the original X-Men was back, and it was like a big reunion. I tended to hang out with Anna (Paquin) and other actors who were my age.

Q What was your relationship like with some of the other actors?

A They were all lots of fun. Ian (McKellen) would throw all these dinner parties, and Halle Berry was nice too, if a little shy.

Q Did you read comics as a kid?

A Yeah, I did.

Q Who was your favourite character?

A Wolverine. He's got the attitude, and he's really mysterious.

Q What was your favourite part of working on X2?

A I loved working with Ian and Patrick (Stewart), and whenever I was on set, but I wasn't doing a scene, I would go and watch some of the other actors. And when serious actors like Ian and Patrick are treating their characters like real people, you kinda wake up, and it rubs off on you.

Q Do you have an action figure?

A I have an action figure. I took a look on the Web. It's so creepy, it looks exactly like me. And I used to blow up GI Joes as a kid, so I'm scared that some kid out there is gonna take his Iceman figure and use the magnifying glass on him or something.

Q Can we call you the "Ultimate Cool Guy"?

A You can call me that, but I'd never call myself that.

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