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X2 Character Breakdown

Character: Bobby Drake/Iceman

X-Power: Ice manipulation, can create ice and turn himself into ice.

Actor: Shawn Ashmore

Famous Roles: Before film, Shawn played Jake Bereson on ANIMORPHS as well as Eric Summers on one of the coolest SMALLVILLE episodes ever!

X-Fact: This BC native was once on an episode of MR. DRESSUP (RIP).

Shawn Ashmore
Twice As Ice

You may recongize Shawn Ashmore from the classic SMALLVILLE episode "Leech" (in which his character stole Clark's superpowers), but it's his role as Bobby Drake aka Iceman in THE X-MEN that's getting this Richmond, British Columbia native all the attention. THE MAG caught up with Shawn to see what was on his mind, X-style!

Did you ever try and trick the director by having your twin brother Aaron play Bobby?

We tried but Aaron wouldn't talk to Brian because he was kind of shy. Brian caught on quickly and our plan didn't work. We always have something up our sleeves so maybe next time we'll trick 'em.

What did your "strict diet" consist of when you were training for Iceman?

Chicken Breast, Rice, Beans, Tuna, Protein Shakes, Oatmeal and lots of vitamins.

If Iceman fought Silver Surfer... who would win?

I'd have to say Silver Surfer. He has that whole cosmic power thing going for him. I still think Iceman would give him a run for his money!

If you could have another mutant power, what would it be?

Telekinetic abilities!

In future X-Men movies... will Iceman play a bigger role?

I hope so, but I'm not really sure. If people like the character in this film, then maybe. We'll all just have to wait and see how it works out.

What was it like for a fan of X-Men to work on these films?

I had an amazing time! Not only did I get to become a superhero for 6 months but also work with filmakers and actors at the top of their game.

Most memorable X-Men on-set moment?

Probably my first day on set with the whole cast. The reality that I was getting to play this great character hit me when we shot the first scene.

Do you think Hollywood is milking comics too much these days?

As long as people are willing to put the effort into developing interesting comic projects then it's not being milked. However, when the level of quality lowers and it's obvious that the studios are just looking to score quick cash, that's when this trend should probably come to an end.

What was a more challenging movie to make... X-Men or X-Men 2?

For me it was X2 because I obviously had a lot more to do. I was only around for a couple of weeks on the first film and more like 5 months on this one.

What are your feelings about the special X-Men DVD release X-Men 1.5?

Honestly, I haven't even seen the whole thing, only bits and pieces. From what I saw it looks like a pretty exciting DVD.

If Bobby/Iceman [fought] Eric (the character you played in SMALLVILLE)... who would win?

I would of course!!!!

Who was the most interesting person you met on the SMALLVILLE set?

when people ask me that I always tell them that everybody was great. I've rarely been on a set as a guest star where everybody welcomes you like one of the family. It was a fun show and a really good experience.

Do you think Eric Summers will return to SMALLVILLE in a future episode?

Your guess is as good as mine at this point. It's been a year since I did that episode.

Quick Response

Lord or the Rings or Harry Potter?


Marvel or DC?


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Coin Toss

Professor Frink or Comic Book Guy?


Yay or Nay?

Reality TV: NAY

Airplanes: YAY

Lobsters: YAY

Kazaa: YAY


Frankenstein: YAY

Shawn Ashmore... Thank you very much!!!!

The Magazine Not For Adults / Transcript by Pam