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Teen Tribute

Cool As Ice
Shawn Ashmore makes an impression in X2
- Kim Ziervogel

Shawn Ashmore is on the verge of divulging secrets of X2 but he checks his enthusiasm and holds back imperative information from the die-hard fans.

"You'll just have to go see the movie," teases the Canadian actor.

From his home in Los Angeles (he splits his time between L.A. and Toronto) Ashmore is ecstatic that his role has been expanded for the sequel to the blockbuster movie, starring Academy Award winners Halle Berry and Anna Paquin as well as Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman.

Ashmore plays Bobby Drake also known as Iceman. In the first movie, a relationship developed between his character and that of Paquin's character Rogue. This time around the producers expanded on it further.

"Bobby is still a student at the school, but it focuses a little more on Rogue and Bobby's relationship and his role at the school," explains Ashmore. He, like his other co-stars, is very guarded with what he will say about the new film. He does let it slip that Bobby is brought more into the fold of the X-Men team. But he won't say if he gets to don one of those nifty leather outfits that the criminal-fighting team wears.

Even with the natural relationship that developed between Rogue and Bobby in X-Men, the 23-year old actor wasn't sure if he would be invited to reprise his role.

"I sort of heard rumors here and there that I might get a part in the second film, but I had no idea really until about a month and a half before the movie started shooting," he says. But once he got the call to say the studio wanted him back for the second movie he was overwhelmed.

"I was absolutely exited. I just didn't know if it was going to happen for sure."

But happen it did. And instead of a two-week shoot like he had the first time around, now he would be on set for the entire five-month filming of the movie, set to premiere in Canada on May 2nd.

Bobby's abilities are also more prevalent in the second movie. Although Ashmore didn't say what exactly we see of his special powers, he does say that Iceman can manipulate water molecules like we saw in the first film.

"Any sort of moisture in the air he can make into what he wants. He can freeze a glass of water. He can create structures and forms out of ice. He can send a little blast of frost."

With special effects galore expected, Ashmore who got his start in the business doing commercials, admits that acting against a blue screen, where the effects are added digitally afterwards, can be challenging.

"You're imagining a whole world happening around you. It's always a bit of a challenge but kind of fun."

The only minor actor from the first movie to return to the sequel the Richmond, B.C. born Ashmore hopes that X2 will open more doors for him in Hollywood but then rethinks his position.

"At the end of the day, I had the experience of working with an amazing cast and director Bryan Singer. Even if it doesn't open any doors, I feel like I've learned a lot and have become more confident as an actor."

Who Knew?

  • Shawn has an identical twin brother Aaron who appeared in The Skulls 2.
  • Shawn plays the guitar and he's fluent in French.

Teen Tribute / Transcript by Pam