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Hot Hollywood: The X-Factor: Shawn Ashmore

Age: 26

Hometown: Toronto

Breakout Role: Bobby 'Iceman' Drake, who can create and control ice, in the X-Men series

What's Cooking? This movie mutant has one weakness: homemade meals, courtesy of 20-year-old girlfriend Michelle Trachtenberg's Russian mother. '[Her mom is] the best cook,' he says. 'I'll go over there, and she'll make every [kind of food]'like little blintzes with caviar. [You have to] roll me out of the house when dinner's over.'

Next Up: Shawn shows off another superpower -- his dramatic skills -- in Three Needles, a heart-wrenching film about the AIDS epidemic (hitting theaters on December 1, World AIDS Day), and 2007's Solstice, costarring fellow 'Who's Hot in Hollywood' honoree Amanda Seyfried.

Teen People