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Steve & Vikki Morning Show Interview

Anything in [brackets] means I couldn't make out what exactly was said and I'm guessing. Also, there were two other people in the studio, who I refer to as 'Other Guy' and 'Other Girl'. I've probably mixed them up with with Steve and Vikki a couple of times as well later on in the transcript.

Steve: Shawn Ashmore is on the phone from X-Men 2.

Vikki: So excited to talk to him about this movie, with Hugh Jackman, who I absolutely love, but we like too, who is Iceman, and good morning Shawn.

Shawn: Morning. How are you guys?

Steve: Hey good, good to talk to you.

Shawn: ...talking to you.

Steve: Are you kind of upset that they don't have a video game modeled after Iceman and they do for Wolfboy?

Shawn: Umm.. you know, maybe, maybe if there's a third, maybe I'll get that point, get to that point, but uh no, I've actually played the X2, the Wolverine's Revenge game and it's pretty fun, so I'm not too upset about, uh, no Iceman in it.

Steve: Ah. Are you an X-Boxer or you got a Playstation 2?

Shawn: Honestly?

Steve: Yeah.

Shawn: I have both. I'm addicted.

Steve: Are ya?

Shawn: Yeah, I'm a real... I'm a video game buff. I uh, I'm totally into video games.

Steve: So in between takes during this movie, you were playing a lot of video games?

Shawn: Yep, absolutely. We, uh, I used to bring my X-Box to set all the time, and you know at lunch time or whatever just kill some time, just bring some games in and hang out.

Vikki: So is that like, if you're gonna go out on a date she better like these kind of games?

Shawn: No, not at all actually. I don't, I just prefer that maybe, my girlfriends don't like video games, 'cause then we'd probably never leave the house.

Vikki: And did your twin brother audition for this role, because I'm reading that you say sometimes you both audition and sometimes producers say "we flip a coin to see who's gonna get the part."

Shawn: Yeah, we, I mean, we've just had that happen sort of in the past. Nothing, I mean, not anything like this. I mean, I don't think he actually auditioned for this one. I mean, the first one was about three years ago so it's sort of hard to remember, but I really don't think he did audition for this. But yeah, in the past we've had that happen, where it was like, especially when we started with commercials and stuff like that, that you know, they call us both back in and be like, "Honestly, you guys look the same and we like you both, we'll just flip a coin right in front of you to, that will show, you know to figure out who gets the part."

Steve: I think you two guys should try to call Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and go out on a double date. That would be cool, wouldn't it?

Shawn: I don't think they're 18 yet, so I think we have to wait. I think there's a countdown at Maxim magazine...

Steve: Oh man...

Vikki (?): They're 16 though. Aren't they?

Another Female: No, they're almost 18, I mean they..

Vikki (?): Oh, they're eighte-- Oh..

Steve (?): Yeah, there is a countdown in Maxim magazine...

[I think Shawn is saying something among all the chatter, but I can't catch it]

Another Male (?): Is there really? The Olsen twins?

Another Female: There's a website too that does it by the second.

Vikki or Another Female: You could have just done Doublemint Commercials.

The Other Guy or Steve: Yeah.

Vikki: So are you.. is there any romance between you and Rouge? Anna Paquin? In real life?

Shawn: Characters, or...?

Vikki: In real life.

Shawn: No, no no no.

Vikki: Okay, so it was all just pretend in the movie. [Shawn says something that I can't make out because Vikki's talking]

Vikki: And Steve's got a question about the end of the movie, and I don't think it'll give anything away. If you just, he wanted to know, maybe...

Steve: Yeeahh, we saw that...

Vikki: ...why you couldn't use your powers?

Steve: Why you didn't help them at the end.

Shawn: You know, I get asked that all the time, and um, I think, I think what we just finally decided is that, you know, Bobby is still sort of young, and, and developing powers, because people were like "Why didn't you just freeze the water? That's your power..."

Steve: Yeah.

Shawn:"...freeze the water." Umm, but yeah, I think it was sort of like...

Steve: Would have been too much to handle for your young...

Shawn: Yes, yes. Especially considering you know, and I don't want to give too much away...

Steve and Vikki: Right.

Shawn: Obviously [a more] powerful mutant has sort of trouble controlling it, so uh, so I definitely think Bobby would have...

Steve: Well, here's what I want to know Shawn. How do you do a movie like this and not spend all day on the set, you say you play X-Box in between takes, why aren't you looking at Rebecca Romijn-Stamos all day?

Shawn: Uh... because, because you can do that while you're working.

Steve: Yeah, I guess...

Shawn: Yeah, it's.. it definitely wasn't a hard set in that, uh, respect.

Vikki: Or Famke! That's who you like Steve.

Shawn: Rebecca, Famke, Halle, Anna, it was like you know...

Vikki: What a deal!

Shawn: ...a pleasure going to work every day.

Vikki: Yeah!

Steve: Now, you, you guys also, you filmed some of X3 already, right?

Shawn: Umm... not that I know of.

Steve: Oh really? Oh, maybe you're not in it? [Everyone laughs]

Vikki: Sorry dude.

Steve: I thought I read in Premiere magazine, or something, that they did some of X3 all at the same time.

Shawn: Uh... no.

Steve: Okay, but plans for X3?

Shawn: Yeah, well there's... I'm mean I'm signed to do X3 at this point, but whether it happens, I mean, I'm sure that it'll happen now that the movie's out and you know, people seem to be really responsive, but umm...

Steve: Oh, I know what I read. Halle Berry said though, in a column, that she will not be back. That was it for her.

Shawn: That's right... I think that...

Vikki: Storm? Oh no.

Other Female: Well she just broke her arm, she kinda hurt...

Vikki: That's true. And Ewan McGregor was just quoted as saying that, Star Trek, it's, it's great to be, or Star Wars, it's great to be part of, but it's kinda difficult to film with all the blue screen. Do you feel the same way?

Shawn: Umm, we were actually really lucky. Our uh, our production designer Guy Dyas, um... see we didn't have a lot of blue screen and green screen. We actually in those actual sets, stuff like that...

Vikki: Oh okay.

Shawn: ...[we used stuff like] virtual environments. The only real, sort of effects stuff that we had to deal with was actually the powers. So it wasn't actually that bad, it took a couple of weeks to sort of get used to uh, you know, standing around and pretending to have ice shoot out of your hand, but once you got used to that it uh, it was actually not that hard.

Vikki: If you could have any superpowers in real life, what would they be?

Shawn: I would have um.. telepathic abilities. Read minds, to see if, you know people are telling you the truth sometimes.

Vikki: But that could be a kind of a drag, don't you think?

Shawn: It could be. Well, that's the thing. If, if I were to have that power I want to be able to turn it on and off.

Vikki: Okay. Conditions.

Shawn: [I think it's was kind of.. (can't catch what he says)] 'What Women Want' where Mel Gibson...

Steve: Yeah!

Vikki: Right!

Shawn: ...has that kind of ability (says something that I can't catch)

Steve: Yeah, you know what? Speaking of...

Shawn: I wouldn't want it all the time, but umm, but every once in a while. In certain situations I would love to be able to know, uh, you know, get an edge on the competition sometimes, maybe.

Steve: Well, did you, have.. you were on Smallville...

Shawn: Yeah.

Steve: ...the episode called 'Leech' with uh, you know, Clark Kent has super powers.

Shawn: Right.

Steve: And, uh, you were... you actually had super powers in that show. Didn't you?

Shawn: Yeah, I basically, uh... I basically steal Clark's powers for the episode and become like the Anti-Superman, like evil Superman, and abuse the power, so that was very fun actually. I get to like throw cars around and [toss] people around, that was cool.

Steve: Okay Shawn. Well, past X-Men 3, any other movies coming out with you doing something different?

Shawn: No.. Well, yeah, right now I'm just honestly [since the next one's coming out], I'm sort of looking to do like an independent film.

Steve: Okay.

Shawn: Something completely different, totally on the other end of the spectrum.

Vikki: Good for you.

Shawn: So I'm just taking my time and looking for that.

Vikki: And you're in all the teen magazines. You've gotta love that too.

Shawn: Yeah, which is really weird, because uh, I'm not a teenager. So it's just sort of like, 'well..'

Vikki: Well, just in case you want to know, 393 days, 15 hours, 5 minutes and 15, 14 seconds until the Olsen twins are legal.

Everyone laughs

Shawn: Thanks for finding that out. Thanks. You guys are on the ball.

Vikki: There ya go, that's what we do here.

Steve: Just trying to help a fellow guy, that's all.

Shawn: [I love that.] I'll give my brother a call and we'll put a game plan together.

Everyone laughs

Steve: There you go. Shawn, tell us the truth before we let you go. Are you going to try to see Matrix this weekend?

Shawn: Umm.. I'm going to wait until next week, because I don't want to... I'm gonna go like at an early show, like 9 AM on a Wednesday.

Steve: Yeah, probably like everywhere it's, uh, tickets sold out.

Vikki: Well, what you do is buy a ticket to X-Men so you'll get the credit and then sneak into The Matrix.

Shawn: Good call!

Other Guy: Yeah!

Other Girl: There you go!

Other Guy: With the Olsen twins!

Steve: Now you got a deal! Hey Shawn, thanks very much.

Shawn: Thanks guys. Take it easy.

Steve: Iceman, from X-Men 2!

Star94 FM / Transcript by Pam