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Star! Bio: Shawn Ashmore

Sunday, October 07, 1979

Birth Place
Richmond, British Columbia

Ice Hot
Ashmore is currently reprising the role of "Iceman" in the highly anticipated "X-Men" sequel "X2." "This is obviously the largest thing that I've been a part of so it's definitely big league and exciting," he says.

Mutant Matters
The "X-Men" movies are based on the famous Marvel comic, which chronicles the adventures of a team of "mutants" with special powers. "My mutant ability is basically to manipulate water molecules so I can make forms or freeze things or make walls or whatever I want to do with ice, so it's cool," he says.

Nod To The North
Although Ashmore only made a brief cameo in "X-Men," his role was expanded in the sequel. "The fact that they've expanded his role the way they have is just amazing and, you know, I always like the Canadians to represent," says his manager Paul Nichols. "And I think he represents very well given what I've seen, so it's very exciting." Much of Nichols' roster is Canadian.

Among The Elite
"X2" features a stellar cast including Patrick Stewart and Oscar winner Halle Berry. "I don't want to say scary but it [the filming] was intimidating," he says. "It was also a little nerve-wrecking while I was doing it because you have award winners and all these huge actors and I just didn't want to be the weak link in the chain."

Wolverine's Word
"Shawn is great and I was so thrilled that he had the chance to do a lot more in this film because I remember him on the first. I always thought he had a great quality," said Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine. "I think he's a very sensitive actor and I think he's a great listener and he has good comic timing. I did a couple of scenes with him and I really enjoyed them, you know, and he's cheeky."

Mind Control
What supernatural power would Ashmore most like to possess? "I would want telekinesis mind control," he says. "In a good way, not in an evil, taking over the world kind of way but just have insight into what's going on in peoples' heads sometimes."

Forever Famous
An action figure has been made of Ashmore's portrayal of "Iceman." "It's very cool," he says.

Personal Part
"I just try and bring a little bit of myself to everything, so, in a sense, every character's a part of you, including this character, absolutely," he says.

On X2: "This is going to be something that I'll remember for a long time."

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