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Message from Shawn to his Fans
Originally posted on the shawn_ashmore egroup

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 19:36:10 EDT
Subject: Hi Guys, It's Shawn !

First of all, I really must thank everyone for the support and interest you've shown toward my career. It makes me feel great that my efforts are being noticed. John has been telling me for quite a while now that he has been talking to a group of very interesting people that have some questions about what I've been up to lately. Although I would love to write to everyone personally, I'd probably spend all day trying to keep up with my new friends. So I guess the point of this short note is just to answer a few of the question that you guys sent to john. Just recently I spent the last 2 months in L.A. filming a new ABC pilot called BEING BREWSTER (the name might change). It's basically about a family with seven kids and all the crazy stuff that happens on the first day of school. The other question I've been asked a lot is if In A Heartbeat is going for a second season. Unfortunately I don't think so! I think the ratings weren't good enough so Disney dumped us. I had a great time with everybody on the show so I'm sad that it didn't work out. Music wise, I listen to everything from blues to punk to hiphop. It just depends what mood I'm in. I also read a lot of questions about what it's like to be recognised and to work with other actors. Honestly I have to say it's the greatest!! I love what I do and it's a lot of fun. There was also some interest in what my brother Aaron has been up to. I think in the last 5 months he's been busier that I have. Keep an eye out for him in TREED MURRAY, THE SAFETY OF OBJECTS, THE SKULLS 2 and lots of other stuff. If anybody is interested in getting an autograph you can write to:

K.G. Talent
55a Sumach st.
Canada M5A 3J6

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