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Sexiest Men Alive 2006: Doubly Delicious: Shawn & Aaron Ashmore
X-Men's Shawn and Smallville's Aaron, 27, are close enough to have a sort of ESP but secure enough for some healthy competition.

Shawn: We know each other so well that I know exactly how he's going to answer a question. One of our friends says that we have this whole language of looks and subtle things. We have an unspoken language.

Aaron: We don't butt into each other's sentences as much anymore. I think we matured and realized it was rude.

Shawn: Whenever we meet each other's girlfriends, we send signals to each other if she is a cool girl or not.

Aaron: We like the same types of girls, but it's never been an issue.

Shawn: We both go after her and see who she wants.

Aaron: The girls usually settle it for us.

People / Transcript by Pam