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Hollywood's In Crowd: Shawn Ashmore

Life has always been a good-natured competition for Shawn Ashmore and his older (by one minute) brother, Aaron.

The twins were living in a rural town in Alberta when an agent found them through a Canadian multiple-births - or, as Shawn calls it, a "multiple rug rats" - organization.

Soon they were doing ads and competing for roles. Aaron (the "more aggressive brother," he says) got parts in "Skulls 2" and other movies, but it was little Shawn who hit the big time with the Disney Channel's "In a Heartbeat," and as Iceman in "X-Men."

UNFULFILLED PASSION: Shawn has an even bigger part in "X-Men 2," which opens May 2. It includes mutant love scenes with the superhero Rogue, played by Anna Paquin. "Rogue and I are dating," Shawn recently told YM magazine, "but since her touch harms people, we can't even kiss."

The New York Post