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Q&A Shawn Ashmore
- Glenn Sumi

One of the big surprises in the latest (and probably last) of the X-Men films is seeing Canada's own Shawn Ashmore graduate from Mutant Hunk, junior division, to full-on romantic lead. He might not have as much onscreen time as Hugh Jackman's Logan/Wolverine, but he's at the heart of the film's big love triangle. Expect the Teen People set to swoon. Ashmore visited T.O. recently to flash his blue eyes and talk about how his man of ice is heating up the big screen.

How does it feel to be X-Men's new romantic lead?
Pretty good. I really like the romantic triangle with Iceman, Rogue (Anna Paquin) and Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page). It's great that in the midst of this gigantic war with these life-and-death plots, there's this human aspect.

If you had to choose between Anna and Ellen, who would it be?
Neither. I have a girlfriend already.

Are you and she (Michelle Trachtenberg of Ice Princess and Mysterious Skin) ever going to work together?
Right now we're just boyfriend and girlfriend.

Tell me about the ice-skating scene with you and Ellen Page. Was that real ice?
Actually, it was Teflon, but we were using real skates with blades. I think it's hilarious that the two Canadians got to skate in the movie.

How important is the political subtext in the X-Men films?
It's very important. They're about how we deal with prejudice. In this film there's a mutant cure, and it ups the ante and makes the issue personal for everyone. If we were the same, maybe there wouldn't be prejudice. But is that the right solution?

How many Iceman figurines do you own?
One. But I also did a TV show when I was younger called Animorphs, and I have a few of those figures. And they used my likeness and voice for the new X-Men video game, and I've played that.

Apart from the X-Men films, what's your favourite comic book film adaptation?
I liked the Tim Burton Batman movies. Oh, and Hellboy was amazing.