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Ooze News - Where Where They Then?
- Lynda Jones

We caught up with past stars of Nick TV shows and found out what they're doing now.

Shawn Ashmore

Then: Jake Berenson on Animorphs (1998-1999)

Now: Iceman in the X-Men movies

The difference between making Animorphs and the X-Men movies:

"It's not so different, because there are special effects in both projects. The major difference is the scale. when we were doing Animorphs, we did an episode every five days. In X-Men, there's more time to tell the story."

What he misses about Animorphs:

"I had some really great friends -- from the cast to the directors to the producers. I still hang out with Christopher Ralph, who played Tobias, and Brooke Nevin, who played Rachel. I miss working with those guys. It was a really cool time for us, because Animorphs was the biggest thing we had done at that point."

Biggest challenge about working on movies:

"Rearranging your life to fit your schedule. We filmed X2 for about six months, so that's a major chunk of time to stay in character. Thank goodness we all had a really good time doing the movie, beacause it can be really tough."

Nickleodeon / Transcript by Pam