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Team Digital: Your superhero character is 'Iceman,' sooo…what kinda music do you like to listen to when you're chillin' out?

Shawn: I'm really digging Audioslave and the new Ben Harper disc.

Team Digital: Rumour has it you used to be in a punk band with your twin brother, tell us about it.

Shawn: It was when I was in High School, we were called 'Preoccupied' and I played guitar. We were pretty fast and heavy, and had a lot of raw energy.

Team Digital: Sounds cool! Chances are you had some fans when you were in the band, but what about now? Have there been any weird encounters with fans asking you to demonstrate your super powers?

Shawn: I just did an interview where they asked me to demonstrate the Iceman freezing move, but I haven't had any fans approach me about it. When we were filming in Vancouver, there were a ton of people chasing down Anna [Paquin, who plays Rogue in the film] because she has this blonde streak at the front of her hair so she's pretty recognizable. Then all of a sudden I kept seeing girls around Vancouver with the same blonde streak.

Team Digital: Speaking of Anna, she plays your girlfriend in the film. What was the best part of kissing the Academy Award winner?

Shawn: There's really no downside to kissing a beautiful girl...but it wasn't really intimate, there were a ton of people in the film crew around.

Team Digital: Yeah, I guess it's not so romantic on a movie set…especially when there are blue mutants like Mystique and Nightcrawler running around. Luckily, your character didn't require full body paint…but if it did, what colour would you pick?

Shawn: Anything but polka dots or plaid.

Team Digital: Pink it is! Hey are you into videogames? If there were a videogame based on your Iceman character, what would you want it to be like?

Shawn: I'm into one-player adventure games, so something real and fun in that style.

Team Digital: Speaking of adventures, you used to be in a show called 'Animorphs' …if you could morph into any rockstar, who would you pick?

Shawn: Sting… then I could go Tantric on someone.

Team Digital: Right on, so aside from going Tantric, what's up next for you?

Shawn: I'm currently reading scripts and looking for a new project, something I haven't done before. Maybe an indie movie.

Team Digital: Sounds cool! We'll be looking out for you!

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