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Shawn Ashmore Finishes the Sentences
The actor is superstitious about road trips
- John Intini

With the help of some special effects and six hours of hair extensions, Shawn Ashmore transformed himself into Terry Fox this summer. The able-bodied, Richmond, B.C.-born actor -- who was in diapers when Fox set out on his Marathon of Hope in 1980 -- will portray the Canadian legend Sept. 11 in Terry (CTV). Ashmore, 25, finished Maclean's Associate Editor John Intini's sentences.

I'M SUPERSTITIOUS... about road trips. Whenever I'm heading out, I wake up at the same time, leave at the same time and stop at the same Tim Hortons to grab an extra large coffee with one cream and one sweetener.

THE CLOSEST I'VE BEEN TO DEATH... was nearly getting in a car wreck in L.A. on Oscar night two years ago. The strange thing was my brother called my cell as it was happening and left a message saying he had a weird dream the night before and wanted to make sure that I was okay.

THE FICTIONAL CHARACTER I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE... was Bone from Russell Banks's Rule of the Bone. He's a rebellious kid who runs away from home to Jamaica. I never wanted to run away, but really wanted the adventure.

MY BEST HANGOVER REMEDY... is a bottle of water, two Advils and a banana before bed. Responsible drinking includes planning ahead with the banana.

1. As a kid, he appeared on Katts and Dog and Mr. Dressup.
2. He and his twin brother Aaron -- also an actor -- formed Pre-Occupied, a punk band in high school.
3. Best known for playing Iceman in X2 (2003) -- and will revive the role in X-Men 3 next year.