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X2: X-Men United
Interview with Anna Paquin (Rogue), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) and Aaron Stanford (Pyro)
- Jax

Up next in our interview series of X2: X-Men United are Anna Paquin (Rogue), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) and Aaron Stanford (Pyro). Jax had a chance to talk to them one of the most anticapting sequels, X2: X-Men United. Here is what they had to say:

Jax: What do you think kids will find most appealing about your characters?

Shawn: Well, I think that there's an interesting dynamic going on between our three characters. I think kids will like this sort of little bit of romance going on with Rogue and Bobby, I think that's always interesting to kids. I think there's sort of a fun dynamic between…

Anna: You guys [Anna points to Shawn on her right and Aaron on her left].

Shawn: His character and I. We're fire and ice and that's butting heads, that's always sort of interesting.

Anna: Which boys do a lot.

Shawn: Yeah, exactly, and it's natural. So I think that's the kind of stuff people will enjoy in our piece of the film.

Jax: Why do you think Wolverine has such a huge fan base?

Anna: Well Wolverine is a character that has always been, I think, the most popular character whenever you meet a comic book fan, usually they're a Wolverine fan. Sometimes they even have Wolverine hairdos as well [Laughs]. Wolverine tattoos…

Aaron: He's tough.

Anna: He's tough…he's cool, he's an outsider, but he'll play ball with the X-Men a bit, but still maintains his tough guy thing and he has claws.

Shawn: Yeah.

Jax: Shawn, were you aware that your character would have a much bigger role in the sequel when you first signed on?

Shawn: Honestly, no, cause when I did the first film I didn't sign on for a second or anything like that. That wasn't even sort of talked about, so I knew that they were making a second film but I didn't know until about a month-in-a-half before we started shooting that-I heard that the character was going to be in it and they were interested in bringing me back, but I didn't know for sure until about a month-in-a-half before.

Jax: Were you at all intimidated by the added pressure?

Shawn: It was and it wasn't. More than anything I was excited and glad that I was coming back. It was a bit intimidating in the sense that I knew that I was going to have-I felt like I had to prove myself with the sort of talented cast and filmmakers that were going to be there. So there was definitely some pressure for me but I also thought, I thought like that made me step up. I felt like I had to give 110% just to-I didn't want to be the weak link, and so I had a good time sort of trying not to be. [Laughs]

Jax: Aaron, were you surprised at all with what happen to your movie "Tadpole," and the success that has followed?

Aaron: Yeah, we were all really surprised. We had-we thought we had a good movie on our hands and we loved the script and everything. But what happened at Sundance was entirely beyond anything anybody expected, so it was a big windfall, it was great.

Jax: Did you get cast in X2 after "Tadpole?"

Aaron: Yeah, that had just come out at Sundance when I got cast.

Jax: Anything funny that happened on the set?

Shawn: There was a lot of funny stuff actually. We had a great time just sort of working together. What were we talking about?

Aaron: There's some people that were practical jokers. I keep hearing stories about; did you just have Bryan in here?

Jax: Yes.

Aaron: I keep hearing stories where he did this thing where he would take a big plastic chain, white plastic chain, and pretend that it was like really heavy, and steel, and he would be just walking around with it and then whoever was unsuspecting he just like fling it in their face. [Laughs] Get reactions out of it!

Anna: I never heard that one before.

Aaron: Well, I did.

Shawn: Hugh's sister came to set one day and got dressed up in the full Wolverine

Jax: I heard about that.

Shawn: Yeah, there's a lot of fun stuff like that going on.

Jax: Is it important to break things up sometimes and have some fun while shooting?

Aaron: Yeah, yup.

Shawn: Absolutely. Just keeping, having a good time.

Anna: Keeping your energy up as well, because often it'll be long, long, hours and you're not doing anything necessarily. If you just sit around doing nothing you're going to go to sleep.

Jax: What are your favorite scenes in the film?

Shawn: I have a couple favorite scenes; Aaron destroying my front yard is one of my favorite scenes, and, so that's my favorite action scene. My favorite scene that I was in, for the character, I think is when he introduces himself to Wolverine and sort of like stands up as an adult in a way, so to me Bobby's becoming a man. He wants to stand up and he is in that limbo stage where he's almost graduating from the school but not quite an adult, not quite an X-Men.

Jax: What was the kissing scene like for you and Anna?

Shawn: It was the least intimidate…

Anna: The least romantic and least like, it seems these things are always awkward as ass anyway because you have thirty people watching you like make out and positioning your hand, going like this [puts her hand on Shawn's face], and then 'cause it's an effect they may put like little dots all over your face. So they can have visual reference points and so you look like you have brown measles and the camera is this close [puts hand an inch from her lips] to your lips and…

Shawn: Intense lights.

Jax: What were the X-Men suits like on?

Anna: The X suits were pretty hot.

Shawn: Yeah.

Anna: Literally.

Shawn: They're sort of form fitting, and they pump you up, like the sculpted body thing, so it's fun to throw those on.

Jax: Have you seen the posters and which one is your favorite?

Shawn: I like the posters. I like the one where everyone's walking towards…

Anna: The one that's on the back of that [points to press kit]…'cause the girl in the X-Men suits are so funny. 'Cause they're like [makes a sexy shape and sound].

Aaron: Did you wear hi-heels too or not?

Anna: Well, I mean, 'cause I'm the midget of the movie, 'cause I was never a super model, so I'm five inches shorter than everyone else, so all my shoes have about like three inches of height, so I can be in the same shot as other people…

No sweat baby, you don't have to be tall to be beautiful, just look in the mirror sweet Anna. That's a wrap.

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