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In Style June 2003

Scene + Heard: he said...
- Cindy M. Del Rosario

Shawn Ashmore
23-year-old star of X-Men 2.

"My mom used to call me Shawny. That was the only nickname I ever had, and it's not original or funny."

"I have the urge to gamble every once in a while, mostly blackjack. I never bet a lot of money. It's just about the competition and wanting to walk out with more than I came in with."

"Caffeine. Coffee is my delivery system of choice, but I will definitely resort to Red Bull if I can't find coffee."

has lied about
"In school I was terrible at math. If I got stuck on a step in an exam, I'd peek at somebody else's test."

dream role
"I've always played characters who were on the good side, so I want to try something a little darker."

childhood crush
"Drew Barrymore, when she did all those Guess jeans ads. One year I got a birthday card with all her picture in it. She was so cute and so hot."

superpower of choice
"I've always wanted to move things with my mind, so I think telekinesis would be cool."

three things I'd want on a desert island
"1) A Walkman with a CD mix, 2) a George Foreman grill, and 3) my dream girl -- though I don't know who she is yet."

In Style / Transcript by Pam