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The Untouchable Rogue and Ice-Cold Bobby Try to Find Love Among the Mutants

In the vast cast of the X-Men saga, they are Romeo and Juliet. Anna Paquin and Shawn Ashmore play two mutant lovers who can never really touch one another, as Rogue's mutation sucks the life out of people, literally, and a stolen kiss with her could mean death. We met Ashmore--a 2003 E! Online Sizzler--in the first X-Men, but only long enough for him to turn a flame into an ice-sculpture rose for his beloved. In X2, we see plenty more of what Bobby can do, but do the two ever get together? That'll have to wait. Right now, they're keen now on talking about the perfect comic-book movie, the Silver Surfer and that age-old rivalry between chocolate and vanilla.

Warner Bros. is having trouble getting Superman off the ground. What's the secret to making a good comic-book movie?

Paquin: The thing about X-Men is that it stands on its own as both a comic book and fantasy movie and as an action movie. But also because there's real dramatic tension and real character, it actually is appealing on a more human level than some action movies which don't take the time to explore the characters.

Shawn, what kind of research did you do to join this already-in-progress franchise?

Ashmore: I'd read the comics when I was younger and seen the cartoon, so even before the first movie started, I was aware of the characters and relationships and how that all worked out. Once I got the part, I definitely did research and asked for specific issues on Iceman. At the end of the day, you have a script, but you want to color it with as much as you can from the comic book.

Speaking of those relationships, Anna--Mystique's your mom?

Paquin: In the X-Men folklore, Mystique and Nightcrawler and Rogue are all related. It's a stepmother-type situation. I don't know how I didn't get the blue gene.

I'd guess the blue gene would be dominant.

Paquin: You'd think. Or maybe it's like blue eyes are recessive, and brown eyes are dominant.

Comic-book newbies often mistake Iceman for Silver Surfer.

Ashmore: Yeah. They look similar, they're white in color and covered in ice, and they both ride waves. But I know that it's a...

Paquin:...common misconception?

Ashmore: Cosmic being, and mutant on earth.

Iceman, what's your favorite flavor for a single scoop?

Ashmore: Vanilla, man. I'm plain and simple. I can't stand chocolate.