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Flare Asks... Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore's career took off in 1994 when he was nominated for a Gemini Award for his work as Waylon Tibbins, the starring role in the TV movie Guitarman. When he was seventeen, he won the role of Jake on Nickelodeon's series Animorphs and worked on the series for two seasons. He immediately followed with the starring role of Tyler Connell on Disney Channel's In a Heartbeat and just two days after filming the pilot for his new series, director Bryan Singer chose Shawn to play Robert "Bobby Drake/Iceman" on 20th Century Fox's feature film X2: X-Men United.

The B.C.-born actor will star as Terry Fox in TERRY, airing on CTV this September. Shawn is currently in production recreating his role as Bobby Drake/Iceman (for which he received a 2004 MTV Movie Award) in the third installment of the blockbuster X-Men series. Since filming X2 Shawn has kept himself busy by completing production on several upcoming films.

FLARE: Who is your favourite designer?
SHAWN ASHMORE: "No designer has really wowed me yet, I'm into other people's recommendations when it comes to fashion."

F: What's your biggest fashion pet peeve?
SA: "Working on the film TERRY, I have to wear really short shorts. I have to say, they are my biggest fashion pet peeve."

F: What does the word style mean to you?
SA: "Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality."

F: What do you think is the one CD that everyone should own?
SA: "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits."

F: What's the one item you can't leave home without?
SA: "My cell phone."

F: What was the last movie you saw?
SA: "The Upside of Anger."

F: Would you describe yourself as high or low maintenance?
SA: "Low."

F: How do you stay in shape?
SA: "Just going to the gym and also running."

F: If you could attempt any career other than your own, what would it be?
SA: "Musician, I'd love to try that. I can't sing or play guitar, but you said 'attempt'."

F: What is your most prized material possession?
SA: "My computer, my iBook."

F: What is your favourite travel destination?
SA: "Fiji, I had the time of my life there."

F: Where have you not been that you would love to go?
SA: "Paris."

F: When you spend time, how do you like to spend it?
SA: "With my friends, girlfriend or my brother… going to the movies, that kinda stuff."

F: Do you have any pets?
SA: "Technically, no. But with my roommate in my L.A. house, we have a German Sheppard and two cats."

F: Who do you most admire?
SA: "My [twin] brother Arron."

F: How would you like to be remembered?
SA: "As a nice person."

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