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MSN Fan Chat With Shawn Ashmore

Shawn has joined the conversation.

Shawn: One more minute !!!!!!!!!!

Shawn: Ok, so Shawn is here sitting with me, and he is now ready to answer your FIRE AWAY!!!

Ariane: hihihihihihihihi... okay, um.. how are you?

Shawn: Ok, from now on, it will be Shawn chatting on 'Shawn'

Krazy_Kat: what was your favorite role and why?

Krazy_Kat: oh and hello

Shawn: I'm good how are you guys

Ariane: I'm very very good

Krazy_Kat: great

Ariane: oh.. I have a question.. do you know why "Night to Remember" doesn't air anymore?

Shawn: My favorite role is probably in X-men because I got to be a badguy

Krazy_Kat: that's cool did you get to wear these really cool contacts that made your eyes look like the blue lady's?

Shawn: no they did all the effects afterwards

Krazy_Kat: wow! the effects were really cool and believeable

Avsfan: Are you in the 2nd X-men

Shawn: I haven't heard if I'm going to do the next one but I hope so!!!!!!!

Avsfan: If you are I am soo there

Krazy_Kat: m 2

Ariane: ditto!

Ariane: i rented it because i heard you were in it and it turned out excellent

Shawn: Cool I think be totally fun to do the next. Maybe I could even fight with the other X-men. You know like in the leather outfits.

Krazy_Kat: okay, here's one when you auditioned for X-men did you origionally audition for the part of Bobby?

Shawn: Yeah the first part I auditioned for was Bobby and I went in like 4 or 5 times

Avsfan: So are you in anything new?

Shawn: I'm doing a movie right now called Cadet Kelly with hillary Duff and christy ramano

Ariane: oh wow! is it going to be on Disney?

Krazy_Kat: cool, can you share what's it about?

Shawn: Yeah it's a disney movie about a military school. I get to play a drill sargent at the school

Krazy_Kat: how fun! I think that would be a fun role, you get to be bossy

Avsfan: Shawn what's your fav. sport

Shawn: I like all the questions so far

Shawn: My fav sport is snowboarding or surfing. I'm not vety good at them but it sure is fun

punk_rock_princess: fun!

Krazy_Kat: How often do you see your family?

Shawn: I see my family every other week and I live with my brother Aaron

Krazy_Kat: fun! I've read about stars who only see their family once and a while.

Ariane: do you have a big role in the movie?

Shawn: I got one of the lead parts in CK

Leo: Hey Shawn, it's Allison long time no 13yrs.

Shawn: Allison, What's going on???!!!

Leo: Honestly, it's going great

Shawn: Are you still living in St. Albert

Leo: yup I still live at my parents place in Woodlands

punk_rock_princess: this is totally like a talk show... "...friends, reunited"

Krazy_Kat: lol!

Shawn: That's cool!!

sunnybrite2020: i can't believe that I missed it

Shawn: What did you miss Sunny

sunnybrite2020: the chat with shawn

Krazy_Kat: he's on right now!

Shawn: Where is everybody from

punk_rock_princess: Minnesota

Krazy_Kat: Minnesota

anisync129: texas

Ariane: I'm from California

sunnybrite2020: Puerto Rico

Chels: new york

punk_rock_princess: : Shawn, are you single???

Shawn: Right now I am single

Leo: Shanw what do you think of our school pics?

Shawn: I couldn't belive them when I saw them

Ariane: which one was you in the picture?

Shawn: The short kid with blond hair

Leo: Sorry to share them with the world, most ppl didn't believe me when I said we use to be friends.

Shawn: No worries I really liked the pics

Chels: awww. I gotta go-it started lightning now

punk_rock_princess: : you were so cute in those pics

Krazy_Kat: okay! bye

Shawn: See ya

Chels: bye

Leo: Shawn how's you mom? I really loved her.

Shawn: My parents are great! How are yours

Chels: wait- how long are all of you gonna be on?

Shawn: A few more minutes

Leo: They are awsome and grandpranets 3 times over.

Ariane: what were you like as a kid? (ex. shy, outgoing, etc)

Shawn: I was pretty shy as a kid

punk_rock_princess: I'm watching Josie and The Pussycats with your animorphs co-star, Paulo Constanzo... he's funny

Shawn: Yeah paulo's pretty funny> I saw him the other day he's back from L.A

Krazy_Kat: oh here's a question, Jake and Tyler are similar people-in some ways more then others-are they like you a lot?

Shawn: Yeah both characters have A bit of me in them

Leo: Did john tell you that i had a little girl? She's 14 months. Please tell Aaron I say hi.

Shawn: Yeah he did! congradulations that is so great

Leo: Hey if I ever stop over in Toronto, we'll have to get together sometime, like the old times when we were 7yrs old.

Shawn: anytime you feel like coming over do it

Ariane: are you still shy, or has acting made you more outgoing?

Shawn: No I'm not shy anymore. Acting helped me get out of that

Krazy_Kat: so would you recamend acting to cure shyness?!?

Shawn: No it can be hard if you are shy but somehow it worked for me

Krazy_Kat: here's a weird question, did you have braces as a kid?

Shawn: No braces as a kid

punk_rock_princess: : So, your bro is gonna be in the Skull's 2

Shawn: Yeah he's going to be the bad guy

Ariane: do you ever wish you weren't an actor?

Shawn: No I love being an actor

punk_rock_princess: : isn't christopher Ralph in that too?

Shawn: Yeah Chris is in that aswell

Krazy_Kat: Are you still star struck when you meet other celebrety's?

anisync129: r u gonna be in X-Men 2?

Shawn: Every once in a while I get star struck and I don't know if I'm doing the 2nd movie yet

sunnybrite2020: what's the name of the disney movie your going to do

Shawn: It's Called Cadet Kelly

Krazy_Kat: Have you had fans come up to you on the street and talk to you? If you have what's that like?

Shawn: Every once in a while people come up and it's pretty cool

sunnybrite2020: did you had to go to a school to learn how to act?

Shawn: No I never really did much training. A few courses here and there

Ariane: how do you like having all these websites dedicated to you? and what do you think if some of the information is incorrect on a site?

Shawn: I think it's really cool having all these sites. I makes me feel like people are paying attention to the thing I love to do

Krazy_Kat: If any talkshow host could interview you who would you want to be interviewed by?

Shawn: conan o'brien. He's pure jokes

Krazy_Kat: he's really funny!

Avsfan: Do you still like punk music?

Shawn: I listen to all sorts of music. Hip-hop, punk......

punk_rock_princess: : Green Day, Rage against machine

Shawn: I love Rage

punk_rock_princess: : sum41...

punk_rock_princess: : Limp Bizkit

Shawn: Yeah I like em all

Ariane: do you like watching yourself on TV?

Shawn: No I hate it. I think I look like clown

Chels: ok i'm back. Shawn-I don't know if you already answered this, but when is the disney movie you're in airing?

Shawn: It's going to be on in the fall I think

Allison: Shawn do you have any family back in St. Albert?

Shawn: I don't have any family left in St.Albert

Ariane: is it hard to act lovestruck when it's part of your script?

Shawn: The girls are cute so I usally don't have a problem

punk_rock_princess: : hehe

Ariane: hehehe

Upside-down_Frown: haha

punk_rock_princess: : what a sweetheart

Shawn: John says I've only got 5 min left

punk_rock_princess: : has anyone ever told you that you are just the cutest?

Shawn: You're the first

Chels: How often will you be visiting?

Shawn: every couple of months

Krazy_Kat: oh for fun!

punk_rock_princess: : before I forget... come back often!

Shawn: I will

Krazy_Kat: what has been your most challenging role?

Shawn: My most challenging role was probably Side show

Krazy_Kat: when will it be out?

Shawn: It's not out yet

Allison: Kay Shawn Please call me sometime, [edited number out] maybe we can catch up sometime you are not too busy. I love to talk to you and Aaron again.

Shawn: sounds good allison

Allison: later bud I gotta go fed me kid

Allison: take care of yourself

Shawn: I wiil you to

Ariane: have you ever like.. developed crushes on the girls you have you act with on a script?

Shawn: Everyonce in a while

Ariane: ahhhh....


anisync129: like who?

Shawn: I can't tell you that

Krazy_Kat: lol! why not?

Shawn: Because then everyone would know

Krazy_Kat: some things are best kept privite

Shawn: yeah

Krazy_Kat: what qualities do you like in people?

Shawn: Nice smart funny Cool

Shawn: John says it's time to go eat. Thanks for coming and I'll talk to you all soon P.s. Bad religion rocks

Shawn: Ok everyone, its john, thanks for coming out and we'll see you all soon!

Shawn: See you all soon !!!!!!!! Remember, if you missed it, you can read the transcript!

Transcript by Ariane