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Meet the X2 Cast: Shawn Ashmore

(a.k.a. Bobby Drake)

ABOUT THE ACTOR The 22-year-old brings 'N Sync-ish good looks to the cast of young X-Kids. Before making a brief cameo in the original "X-Men," he was best known for appearing in 10 made-for-TV movies ("Guitarman" and "Wolf Girl," among others) over the past decade.

IN THE COMICS This original member of the X-Men battles villains with his ability to create and manipulate snow and ice into just about any form. He's also a hothead who has left the group a number of times in fits of rage.

IN THE MOVIE A student at Professor Xavier's academy, Drake dates classmate Rogue (Anna Paquin). And while he doesn't become a full-fledged X-Man, he does use his ice-forming skills in an extended action sequence.

HIS "X"-PERIENCE Ashmore's a longtime fan of the comic and its Fox Network cartoon spin-off. And which character did he most want to play? "I kind of went for any part I could get," he says.

HOW ASHMORE GOT THE PART He was one of very few "X-Men" cast members not contractually obligated to do a sequel. "I kind of found out [the studio wanted me back] last minute," he says. "I guess I could have turned it down, but that never really crossed my mind."