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Sizzlin' 16 2003: Shawn Ashmore
- Jenny Peters

Birthdate: October 7, 1979

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

What You Don't Know: Shawn's identical twin brother, Aaron, is also an actor.

Quote: "My brother and I have been in auditions where they said to our agents, 'We like them both, so we're just going to flip a coin.'"

It took ice to make Shawn Ashmore hot.

The chill's coming from the Canadian actor's mutant character, Bobby Drake (aka Iceman), whom we first met in the blockbuster X-Men. In that flick, the only hint of the lovesick teen's power to freeze airborne water molecules is the ice rose he creates for Anna Paquin's untouchable Rogue--but she only has eyes for Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).

That's all about to change. Drake's powers are in full effect in the sequel, due May 2. Director Bryan Singer throws the 23-year-old into the spotlight right alongside big-name costars like Halle Berry, Alan Cumming and Ian McKellen.

"I have definitely way more to do on X2," says Ashmore, who spent three weeks on set to make the first movie and five months to make the second. "But I'm not supposed to say anything about the film. It's all top secret." (We'll do the talking instead: As relationships and alliances grow deeper among the X-Men, Wolverine, Rogue and Iceman develop a love triangle that forms one of the central storylines.)

Making a $100 million-plus action picture is quite a leap for a struggling actor who'd been making a living with commercials and guest spots on Canadian TV.

"Being part of the X-Men films definitely feels like a pivotal point in my life," says Ashmore, speaking from the Toronto apartment he shares with his twin brother. (Watch for that Ashmore in The Skulls II later this year.) They're planning a move to Los Angeles to get into the Hollywood mix and capitalize on their newfound visibility.

In fact, the only bummer in Shawn's life right now is the fact that he can't share his Sizzler honor. "As twins, [we're] compared to each other constantly," Shawn says. "But I think we have learned to deal with that, and there is no jealousy in our careers. So, when he gets a job, it's like, 'Wicked!' I'm happy for him, and vice versa."

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