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Your questions to X-Men star Shawn Ashmore

Rising star Shawn Ashmore plays Iceman in the new X-Men 2 movie. For over 20 minutes, Shawn took the time to answer your questions.

NR: David, 13, West Sussex wants to know: How did it feel working with people like Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry etc? Even Oscar-winner Anna Paquin, is it intimidating?

Shawn: It's completely intimidating. I had a small part in the first movie so I got to meet everyone then, but it was only for a couple of weeks. Then to be brought back in this larger role and my character is more part of the story this time. I think I felt I didn't want to be the weak link. But after the first couple of days I loosened up and realised I was with people doing what they wanted to do.

NR: Tina, 16, Swansea asks: Have you been surprised by the success of the movies?

Shawn: Yes, but no, because there was already a huge fan base from the comics and I think the X-Men's theme of tolerance is what drives these stories and that's a timeless message. I think the characters are great, they're flawed superheroes and who hasn't felt like a freak at some point.

NR: Lulu, 15, Bristol emailed us to ask: Had you read the comics before getting the part?

Shawn: I read the comics long before I was ever involved with the films. So for me coming in, I was already knew what the comics were about, and who the characters were. But the big thing is you don't want to upset the fans, there's 40 years of history there. It's really important that the fans enjoy it.

NR: Pete, 14, Sunderland asks: When you were in the first movie, did you have an idea that your role was going to get bigger in the second film?

Shawn: I had no idea. They might have known, but I had no idea. I had no expectations, because I was happy to be on set. I didn't find out until about a month before they starting filming the sequel that I was going to be in it. I got a weird phone call saying "X-Men want to fax you a script but you have to sign a confidentiality agreement" and I was "cool, send it over." So I flipped through the script ad saw that my character was in the beginning, the middle and at the end was really cool.

NR: Sam, 14, Ottawa wants to know: What was the coolest bit about filming, Was it when you get to wear the uniform or was it seeing your powers on screen?

Shawn: There was a lot of cool parts, using the powers was a cool thing. My favourite scene is were Wolverine and Iceman are in the kitchen talking about not being able to be close to the women they love and there's a nice connection there. And I get to step up to Wolverine and say "OK you took care of Rogue last time, now it's my job". Bobby's growing up. Being in the X-uniform is incredible.

NR: Rachel, 14, Tamworth asks if you're ever going to do another series of Animorphs?

Shawn: I have no idea. I really loved it and had a good time doing it. But right now, I really want to do films. For me, as an actor, the cool thing is playing different roles, and on a TV series, you have to do the same thing each week. An new Animorphs series is totally possible, it's so weird to me that there's still fans, because for me it was such a long time ago.

NR: Tammy, 10, Hull wants to know about X-Men 3?

Shawn: X-Men 3, I guess we have to wait and see how this one does. I'm signed up to do a third one, and there's lots of places it could go.

NR: Where could Bobby Drake (Iceman) go?

Shawn: I would love to see a Pyro/Iceman battle. In this one, Pyro blows up my front yard so there's gotta be payback. Also I think there's more to do with Rogue. Their relationship is doomed, but they're still fighting for it, which is really cool.

Also there's one effect I really want to see, the Iceman bridge effect, where he rides his own bridge of ice. They nearly did it in this one, but the cost was too big.

NR: Finally from Granger, 11, London emailed us this question: if you could be any mutant, or have any power, what would you want?

Shawn: I would say Professor X's powers, telepathy. Especially when you're working in the entertainment industry, you're never sure if people are telling you the truth. So just to be able to look into people's thoughts once in a while.