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The Iceman Speaketh: A Talk With Shawn Ashmore
- Dave Richards

Shawn Ashmore has had super powers on two different occasions. He has fought on the side of right as Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman in X-Men and he has fought on the side of wrong as Clark Kent’s misguided super powered classmate Eric Summers in the Smallville episode "Leach".

In spring 2003 Shawn returns to the big screen to reprise his role as Iceman in X-Men 2. Comics2Film interviewed Shawn about his roles in X-Men 2 and Smallville.

Comics2Film: What can Audiences expect from X-Men 2?

Shawn Ashmore: X-Men 2 will have all the excitement of the first film with some new and interesting characters added to the mix. I also think that fans can expect some amazing visuals and bigger and better action sequences.

C2F: Will there be more interaction with Iceman and Rogue?

SA: I think that it’s safe to say that there will be some continued interaction between Rogue and Bobby.

C2F: What was it like reuniting with the old cast?

SA: It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be working with a cast with this much talent and experience. The first time around on X1 I really didn’t get all that involved because I was only around for a few weeks, so to be brought back into the cast with a more important role is exciting.

C2F: From what we have heard a team of younger mutants at Xavier’s School play a larger role in this film. Does your character get more screen time in this film? What role does he play in this team?

SA: Sorry! Don’t want to give the story away.

C2F: There have been reports that X2 will feature cameo appearances by X-Men comic book characters such as Gambit and Colossus. Can you tell us anything about this?

SA: Again you’re just going to have to see the movie to find out. I bet the suspense is killing you!!!!

C2F: If X-Men 3 becomes a reality would you do it?

SA: If the experience could be similar to the first 2 films then absolutely.

C2F: What’s been the best part of making X-Men 2?

SA: I think the best part of working on X2 is being a superhero for six months.

C2F: What’s been the worst part?

SA: Always worrying about letting the cat out of the bag! Sometimes you just want to tell somebody about what you’re doing when they ask. Specifically fans who just want to get a little insight into the film.

C2F: You played a very interesting character on Smallville last season, sort of the Anti-Clark. How was it working on that show?

SA: Smallville was a great show to work on. It was a quick shoot. I shot for a week and then was done. In and out, real easy. Everybody on the show seemed really nice.

C2F: Any chance your Smallville character might return? At the end he was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs.

SA: far as I know the Smallville people haven’t said that they’d be interested in bringing that character back. I think that the show's concept of having new villains every show keeps it fresh and interesting.

C2F: You have acted in two comic book related projects. Are you a fan of comic books? If so do you read any on a regular basis?

SA: I’ve always had a casual interest in comics. I wouldn’t call myself a collector but I’ve been known to check out a comic or two.

Shawn is right the suspense is killing us here at C2F. We along with many other fans eagerly await the film’s release date. If Shawn’s enthusiasm is any indication X-Men 2 will be a great film perhaps better than the original.

X-Men 2 opens in theaters nationwide on May 2, 2003.

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