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Shawn Ashmore
- Queen M

In X2: X-Men United, our favorite group of mutants continue their struggle against a society that fears them. And after an attack by a villain with extraordinary powers, people are pointing the finger at them yet again. Fortunately, there's nothing wrong with just being extraordinarily cute, and that's where our big-screen babe, Shawn Ashmore, comes in. Get to know him better now!

How You Know Him
He's the only mutant in the X-Men series who can provide you with unlimited Sno-Cones -- Iceman!

Double Trouble
Shawn Ashmore was born one minute after his identical twin brother Aaron. You're gonna have to flip a coin, girls!

Oh, Canada
He grew up in Alberta, Toronto, and British Columbia.

Talents Abound
Not only is Shawn a killer guitar player, but he's fluent in French. N'est-ce pas?

He's An Animal!
In 1998, he played Jake on the TV series Animorphs, about a group of teens who have the power to morph into any animal they choose. Jake's specialty was turning into a Siberian Tiger. Roar!

Comic Cutie
Not everyone who collects comic books is a nerd -- and Shawn can attest to that. "I was into X-Men before I was a part of this, so it was exciting. I still have a big box full of comics in my closet at my parents' house!"

Ice, Ice Baby
Playing Bobby Drake (or Iceman) in the X-Men movie series has its perks: "His ability is to be able to lower his body temperature and manipulate water molecules," Shawn says, "He can shoot it out in a stream of frost -- you know, cold drinks, whatever anyone needs. It's a good party trick." Diet Coke, anyone?

Three's a Crowd
In X2: X-Men United, Iceman and Rogue [Anna Paquin] are an item, and poor Pyro is left out of the equation. Shawn's thoughts on the tension? "That may be why [Pyro]'s such an angry young man." It's all coming together now...

Mini Me
Knowing that there's an Iceman action figure on the market modeled after him, Shawn is slightly creeped out. "It's really strange knowing that there will be toys out there and people will have miniature versions of you and can do whatever they want them them," Shawn admits, "I used to blow up GI Joes with firecrackers, so I hope nobody does that to [my toy]."

Want more Shawn Ashmore? You can scope the official X2 site for everything you want to know about the Iceman. And don't forget to check it out in theaters everywhere starting May 2!