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Shawn Ashmore: Making Hearts Skip a Beat!

His name may not sound too familiar but we're sure you recognize this 21-year-old Canadian native's face. He's made numerous TV appearances, had a lead role in the Nickelodeon show Animorphs and played Bobby "Iceman" Drake in this past summer's X-Men. These days you can catch him playing Tyler Connell, a high school football star who doubles as a volunteer teen paramedic on Disney Channel's In a Heartbeat (Saturdays 7 p.m. EST). Playing a paramedic on film is certainly hard work because the show aims to accurately portray the real-life teens who dedicate their free time to the profession. However, life on a TV set is certainly different from everyday life and mishaps do happen. Shawn says one of the toughest things the cast faces each episode is getting the gurney up into the ambulance. "We've never dropped anyone yet, hopefully that will never happen," he laughs. Keep checking back for more info on this talented actor and for his twin brother Aaron who can be spotted in the upcoming movie The Safety of Objects with Glenn Close.

16 / Transcript by Pam