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X3 Teaser Trailer Online!

The teaser trailer for X3 is now online at It comes in 4 flavors, including Hi-Def.

Shawn in Vancouver for X3
08.30.05 has photos of Shawn arriving in Vancouver to shoot X-Men 3. Go here to view the photos.

Toronto International Film Festival

Two of Shawn's films, 'The Quiet' and '3 Needles', will be showing at the Toronto International Film Festival which runs September 8-17. 'The Quiet' will be airing in the 'Visions' showcase while '3 Needles' will be a 'Special Presentation'. Go to for ticket information and schedules.

'Terry' Airs on September 11th
08.24.05 || Contributors: Steph, Cassii

'Terry' will air on CTV on Sunday, September 11, 2005. You can watch a trailer of the TV movie over on CTV's site.

We've Moved!

If you're seeing this, welcome to our new home! The site can now be found at rather than having the domain just be a redirect url.

'3 Needles' Film Festival Premiere

According to a press release '3 Needles' will be the Opening Night Gala Premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The festival begins September 15th and Opening Night packages and festival passes will go on sale starting August 1st at

Underclassman Release Date Pushed Back (Again!)

Unfortunately it looks like we'll have to wait another month before 'Underclassman' hits theaters. According to the official site the movie now opens September 2nd.

'The Quiet' Film Festival Premiere

According to a recent press release, 'The Quiet' will be making it's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. No word yet on a wider release.

Underclassman Release Date!

According to Miramax, Underclassman will be released on August 5th! You can check out the official site at: which features the trailer for the movie and major spoilers! Thanks to Christine for the heads up on the August release!

Underclassman Trailer
07.10.05 || Contributor: Tragic Bliss

Yahoo! Movies has the theatrical trailer for Shawn's upcoming movie, The Underclassman, up at:

Photo of Shawn as Terry Fox

The Toronto Sun has a photo of Shawn and Judi Alder (Terry Fox's sister) on the set of the CTV movie 'Terry'.

Shawn Portraying a Real Life Hero
06.02.05 || (Originally Posted: 05.21.05)

In an interview with The Calgary Sun Shawn talks about his latest role -- portraying Terry Fox, a "young man who 25 years ago ran across Canada in a single-man marathon to raise money for cancer search."

According to a recent press release, the movie will be entitled 'Terry' and production begins June 5th through July 5th.

Shawn Wins a Leo!
05.31.05 || Contributor: Red Son

The Leo Awards, which honors those in British Columbia's film and television industry, has given Shawn 2005's "Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama" award for his role as Ged in 'Earthsea'.

Underclassman Release Date Confusion

The release date for Shawn's movie 'The Underclassman' seems to have been moved around, again. The Washington Examiner reports the release date as August 26, while the gives it a September 9th release date and Moviefone still reports an October 7th opening. So far it looks like the only thing for sure is that it will be in theaters this fall.

Cadet Kelly on DVD

'Cadet Kelly' is coming to DVD on June 28th. You can now pre-order the disc from

Earthsea Airing on Space
05.09.05 || Contributor: Steph

For Canadian fans, Earthsea will be airing on Space May 21st and 22nd at 9:00 PM!

Michelle Trachtenberg on Meeting Shawn
03.18.05 recently interviewed Michelle regarding her upcoming movies and she had these little tidbits to say about Shawn:

Whos your boyfriend?
Shawn Ashmore [X2]. Hes an actor. I had to think about that. I was up at 7 this morning, I dont know.

How did you meet an X-Man?
Well, I put out an ad in the classifieds: "Wanted, Superhero. Im a damsel in distress." No, we just met, which is funny, knowing Shawn, he hates anything publicity. He's so not into that world. We met at an Oscar party and he was just like Mr. Grumpy, unhappy to be out in public and I totally approached him. I was the forward one. I take full credit and actually, weve been together a year.

'Dot' Retitled
02.28.05 || Contributor: Cassii

Shawn's film 'Dot' has been retitled 'The Quiet'. The film will be submitted to various film festivals in hopes of snagging a distributor. For more information, check out the Daily Texan.

Earthsea on DVD

According to, Earthsea will be released on DVD March 8, 2005. No information if there are any extras on the disc, but you can now preorder it from Amazon for $13.99.

Underclassman Release Date Pushed Back

According to 'The Underclassman' opening has been pushed back to October 7, 2005.