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More on Moonlight Drive?
12.22.03 || Contributor: John

Apparently Shawn has finished filming 'The Underclassmen' and will be starting work on a new movie in January. No title was given out for it, but perhaps it's the movie reported earlier "Moonlight Drive" with Jared Padalecki and Joanna Gleason.

Shawn's Teen People Blurb

There's a small blurb on Shawn in the Dec/Jan issue of Teen People:

"What's with all the twin action? Once, when X-Men's Shawn Ashmore was into a girl, he sent his twin bro over to gauge her interest before making his move."

We have a scan of it here.

New Shawn/Iceman Desktops
12.07.03 || Contributor: Christine

The X2 Official Site has revamped the desktops where you can change scenes and they have closeups of Shawn on several of them.

Smallville Airdate Correction

It looks like Smallville will not be airing on the 26th as previously reported (TV Guide lists an airing of 'Josie and the Pussycats' for that day). has a tentative airdate of January 7, 2004 for the episode, which seems very likely.

Limited Edition X2 Tin for Region 3 Fans

In addition to the regular keepcase, there's also a special, limited edition, tin case package for the region 3 DVD version of the movie. The cover features the image of all the X-Men (Shawn included!) walking towards the camera.

Shawn Reprises His 'Smallville' Role

Shawn will be reprising his role as 'Eric Summers' in the upcoming Smallville episode 'Asylum'. From what I've been told, (and according to the Vancouver Sun), the episode will be airing on November 26th.

For spoilers and the latest Smallville news, check out

Leave a Message for Shawn

December's coming soon and that means Christmas! Go and sign the card we're sending Shawn. Messages and greetings for Aaron are also welcome.

Site Moved

As you might have noticed (or not), the site has moved from our hispeed home. Please change any bookmarks or links to or continue to use If you're having any trouble with images or links, please let me know.

Shawn in Moonlight Drive
10.22.03 || Contributor: Charles

According to, Shawn is starring in a movie with Jared Padalecki and Joanna Gleason titled 'Moonlight Drive'. However, according to Shawn, he is considering the role and no final commitments have been made.

Thanks to John for the clarification.

Happy Birthday Shawn!

Happy Birthday Shawn! He turns 24 today!

Iceman KFC Toy
10.07.03 || Contributor: Fiona

Apparently KFC had an X2 toy promo a while back and they offered an Bobby Drake/Iceman figure. The figure stands on the ice block, and when you roll it backwards, ice "shards" (which are really cardboard) shoot out.

Fiona has sent in a photo of the figure (which really does look like Shawn!) and you can view it here.

X2 2004 Calendars on Sale
09.12.03 now has the 2004 X2 Calendars for sale and judging from the back cover, Shawn is featured for the month of January.

X3 Watch
09.07.03 || Contributor: Christine

Well, it's never too early to keep an eye out for X-Men 3 news. Yahoo! Movies has a preview page up where you can keep up with the latest developments.

More on 'The Underclassman'

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Shawn Ashmore, best known as Iceman in the "X-Men" films, will star opposite Nick Cannon in Miramax Films' "The Underclassman," which begins shooting in October in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Nickelodeon veteran Cannon plays a detective who, with his schoolboy looks, goes undercover at an elite private school and stumbles upon an international stolen-car ring led by one of his rivals at the school, played by Ashmore. The investigation gets even more surprising when the detective uncovers the person who has been using the students to steal.

Based on an idea by Cannon, "Underclassman" was written by "National Lampoon's Van Wilder" scribes David Wagner and Brent Goldberg. Marcos Siega, a TV and music video veteran, directs.

X2 Deleted Scenes
09.01.03 || Contributor: June has 11 of the deleted scenes that will be featured on the X2 DVD up. Not sure about the others, but Shawn is in the clip titled 'Pyro Starts the Campfire'. You can download them: here.

Shawn Cast in Miramax's 'The Underclassman'
08.20.03 || Contributor: June

According to Variety, Shawn has been cast in minimajor's "The Underclassman."

Directed by music vid and commercials helmer Marcos Siega and written by Brent Goldberg and David T. Wagner ("Van Wilder") pic is based on an original idea by Nick Cannon, who is starring in the project. Production is scheduled to begin in early October in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

"Underclassman" is an action comedy about a young cop who goes undercover at an exclusive prep high school to solve the murder of a student journalist.

10 Great Movie Snowmen
08.20.03 || Contributor: Liquid_evil

The March 2003 issue of Empire Magazine picked Shawn as one of 10 Great Movie Snowmen. You can check out a scan of the blurb here.

Shawn in 'My Brother's Keeper'
08.19.03 || Contributor: Christine

According to the, Shawn appears in "My Brother's Keeper" as a twin double (presumably for Aaron).

Anime Insider Picks Shawn
08.19.03 || Contributor: Yoshi

If there was a live-action "Yu-Gi-Oh!" movie, who would 'Anime Insider' pick to play Joey? Who else but Shawn! Here's what the August issue of the magazine has to say about why they want Shawn:

"This Animorphs and X-Men star's got the face to play pretty boy Joey. Plus Shawn's got sweet down pat (and we all know Joey's a big softie deep down). The only irony will be seeing Iceman whip out his Flame Swordsman."

Aaron's New Movie
08.03.03 || Contributor: Christine

For those interested in Aaron's work, he's currently filming "My Brother's Keeper", in which he plays... twins! For a bit more information on the movie and his role, head over to St. Catherine's to read their article on the movie.

Shawn on the Michael Essany Show
07.31.03 || Contributor: Christine

Apparently Shawn has filmed an episode of the Michael Essany Show (no airdate or info on whether or not it has already aired yet). The show is a public-access cable show based in Indiana, if you happen to live there, check out the avaliablity of the show in your area. E! also airs a "behind the scenes look" at the making of each episode under the same name.

For some information about Shawn's appearance, check out the Washington Post's article on Reality TV.

Also, if anyone can tape the access-cable version of the show and donate it, please let me know. Thanks!

Singer Completes 'X-Men 3' Script Treatment
07.21.03 || Contributor: Christine

[Director] Bryan Singer revealed that he has just finished writing a treatment for a third film based on the Marvel comic book series.

Actors already signed on for a sequel include: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey), Anna Paquin (Rogue), Aaron Stanford (Pyro), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), James Marsden (Cyclops), Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique), Daniel Cudmore (Collossus) and Kelly Hu, whose character Lady Deathstrike appeared to have died in the last film.

For the complete article, head over to

Shawn in Nickelodeon Magazine

Check out Shawn in the August 2003 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. There are two small photos of Shawn, one from Animorphs and the other from X2. Both are common promo shots that are already up in the gallery so they will not be rescanned. A transcript has been archived.

Shawn Magazine Alerts

Two new magazines to look for Shawn in: issue 71 of Cinescape (June 2003) and issue 313 of Starlog. I won't be doing scans from Starlog as the images are all promo shots from X2 that are already up in the gallery, although there is a photo of Shawn in 'Smallville', that I will try to get around to scanning. The Cinescape photo is also a promo shot, but depending on my mood, I may put a cleaned up version up later. Transcripts are currently up.

Smallville Avaliable for Pre-Order on

If you're a Shawn and Smallville fan, be sure to check out the new season one DVD set now avaliable for pre-order on The DVD set includes all 21 episodes from season one, including Shawn's episode, 'Leech'. The set qualifies for Amazon's free shipping offer.

Shawn and Anna Nominated for a Teen Choice Award
06.20.03 || Contributor: Sarbearbh

Shawn and Anna Paquin have been nomiated for Choice Chemistry in X2 for the Teen Choice Awards. You can vote at or at AOL keyword: Teen Choice. The show airs August 6 on FOX.

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Iceman Action Figure Coming Out in the Fall
05.20.03 || Contributor: Fiona

You know you've made it when you have your own action figure, and now Shawn has two! The X2 Superposeable Iceman with light-up ice blasts will be coming out as part of the Series Two wave in September/November 2003. For images of the figure check out

Shawn at the University of Hawaii
05.20.03 || Contributor: Chrissy

Shawn was in Hawaii participating in an X2 forum at The University of Hawaii Manoa campus in Kelly Hu's place. He then went to have dinner with the governor along with Bryan Singer, two writers, and the head of the university film school. When Shawn was introduced, it was mentioned that his jeans sold on ebay for 150 pounds.

Shawn on TRL

Shawn and other cast members from X2 will be appearing on a special X2 edition of TRL on Monday. Check out MTV's TRL site for info on how to get into the audience. I'm pretty sure reservations are all full, but it doesn't hurt to ask about standby info. And there's always the option to go down to Times Square!

Get Shawn's Pants
05.03.03 || Contributor: Wubing

Shawn's jeans from X2 are up for bid on To check 'em out or try your luck head on over to: