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August 19, 2002:

In Shawn news -- he's currently filming X-Men 2. It looks like he's definitely got a bigger role this time around!

May 23, 2002:

The fall schedules have been released and unfortunately Aces has not been picked up.

March 12, 2002:

Well, since it seems like the news is out everywhere else: Shawn will be returning to the big screen in X-Men II! (Thanks to John for that great tidbit!)

February 22, 2002:

Shawn's in a new WB pilot as Daniel Baldwin's son. Shooting begins in March. (Thanks to Christine for the heads up!) According to the Hollywood Reporter the drama is titled "Aces" and the description is "Daniel Baldwin as a rounder whose son attends an elite school."

February 13, 2002:

Shawn's movie on Disney "Cadet Kelly" will be airing March 8 at 8:00 PM. For more info check out Disney's official Cadet Kelly site.

February 01, 2002:

Shawn's episode of "Smallville" entitled "Leech" will be airing February 12 at 9:00 PM. For spoilers on the episode on more on Shawn's character, Eric, head over to KryptonSite.

October 11, 2001:

Shawn's movie "WolfGirl" is scheduled to premiere on the USA network on October 16 at 9:00 PM. Thanks to Christine for the info

May 16, 2001:

A bit of Shawn news -- ABC unveiled it's fall lineup yesterday and unfortunately "The Big House" (aka "Being Brewster") was not part of it. You can find out more about the new ABC shows at

April 25, 2001:

In Shawn news, it looks like his ABC pilot has been retitled "The Big House", the synopsis of the show in the Hollywood Reporter's pilot chart is: "Jennifer Beals as mother with seven kids". Updated the filmography page to reflect that.

Upcoming Projects:

  • J-14 magazine mentions that Shawn is currently in Romania filming a movie while on break from "In a Heartbeat." The movie is currently titled "Wolfgirl" for it's AFM debut. It was previously entitled "Freak Show", but there have been no decisions about the final title. In it Shawn plays a freak with a unique birth defect. Thanks to John for the info!

    According to Variety "Wolfgirl" is a thriller about "[t]he story of a beautiful teenage girl who due to a rare disfiguring genetic disorder lives her life as a freak, until a kind young man tries to help her and his cure brings out the beast in the girl sending her on a ferocious rampage. "

Quick Blurbs:

  • The March 2001 issue of "J-14" has the following quote from Shawn on fan sites:

    "It's really flattering that people are recognizing what we're doing, which as an actor is what you want. I'm really not too concerned about the privacy issue because it's more flattering that intrusive."

On Newsstands:

Transcripts and scans for all articles can be found in our print archives and picture galleries. (Fixed links!)
  • Teen Celebrity (March 2001): Has a behind the scenes article on 'In a Heartbeat', but before you run out to buy it -- the photos are similar to the ones found in Blast and the articles is exactly the same as the Blast one.

  • J-14 (March 2001): Has a short blurb from Shawn about fan sites. Thanks to asp for the heads on that!
  • 16 (Winter 2001): Shawn is named as one of their "Rising Stars" and it features a short bit on him.
  • Blast! (#36): A behind the scenes look at "In a Heartbeat" with lots of behind the scenes photos and small spoiler for the season finale.


The X-Men DVD is now on sale. You can order it from

From The Comics Continuum, here are descriptions of the deleted scenes featuring Shawn:

* Storm Teaching Class: This lengthens the scene where John and Bobby use their powers, and Bobby tells Rogue, "Welcome to Mutant High." It includes Jubilee answering a question thrown to the class from Storm, and Kitty asking Rogue about Logan.

* Logan Notices Jean and Cyclops/Rogue in Classroom with Bobby and Storm: While Scott is teaching the young mutants about an engine, Logan notices that he and Jean are holding hands. Bobby asks Rogue to dinner, and, after the class is cleared, Rogue and Storm have a conversation, which includes Rogue asking Storm if Professor Xavier can "cure" her.

* Bobby Walks Rogue to her Dorm Room/Xavier and Jean in Cerebro: The significance of the first part is that Bobby tries to pick something off Rogue's face and she jerks back, not wanting to make physical contact.