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He Said...

On the MuchMusic Video Awards (06/18/2006):

"Ive never partied like a rock star, so well see what happens tonight."

"When MuchMusic shuts down the street, it's truly exciting. They show a lot of appreciation for the fans and really reward them."

"I love that Queen St. is shut down and we took over the city. I just love coming home. Anything that I can do at home is amazing."

On the message of X-Men 3 (Cannes Q&A, 06/2006):

"I think it's important for all of us to play these characters, because there is an underlying theme in X-Men that inspires us all in being an individual and accepting that. We've all felt like that and we've all gone through it and we can all relate to that."

On working with Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart (Virginian Pilot, 05/26/2006):

"Hanging out with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart was cool on the set. They worked with the younger members of the cast as if we were all professionals, which, of course, we are. Cool guys."

On the characters of X-Men 3 (Sacramento Bee, 05/24/2006):

"I think that at some point everyone has felt alien or isolated or different... That's the universal truth in all these characters."

On Bryan Singer's depature from X-Men (05/2006):

"Just the fact that Bryan wasn't going to do it was scary. He's part of the family."

On Bobby's role in X-Men 3 (, 05/2006):

"Bobbys powers to radiate intense cold come into their own, just as he faces major challenges in his relationship with Rogue. Things get even more complicated when he starts to feel a connection with Kitty Pryde. He is ready to become a full member of the X-Men."

On his cure for the hangover (, 12/29/2005):

"A bottle of water, two Advils, and a banana before bed. Responsible drinking includes planning ahead with the banana."

On his first job and what he learned from it that he's still using today (, 09/13/2005):

"My first job ever was a commercial, I've been pretty much an actor as long as I can remember, and I guess I learned punctuality and professionalism and I'm still using that to this day."

On the Earthsea movie and the books (Detroit News, 12/10/2004):

"We have stayed true to the characters."

"Ged is a complicated character, and it's a coming-of-age story. All the things that happen to him are not done by other people. He brings them upon himself. Danny Glover's character, his mentor, tries to ground him and make him realize what magic is really about. His ultimate experience is learning to deal with his dark side."

On the Earthsea mini-series (, 06/24/2004):

"It's based on these books by an author named Ursula K. Le Guin, sort of in the vein of 'Lord of the Rings. It's this world that's basically scattered into thousands of islands, and it's basically the power struggle between humans and sorcerers and these priestesses who protect the world."

On an X3 Iceman vs. Pyro fight (, 06/24/2004):

"There's a bitter rivalry there, so I think we need a big battle royal. Some ice walls, some slides, some flames, just an awesome fight sequence."

On how Aaron sometimes pretends to be him (, 06/10/2004):

"Every once in a while he gets that 'Can you shoot some ice for us?' Sometimes he says that he's me and sometimes he doesn't. It depends on what kind of mood he's in."

On his opportunity to join the league of mutants ( Premiere Interview, 05/01/2003):

"It's really exciting to sort of start as a teenager and be brought into the fold of the team. It's cool. You feel pretty tough when you put on the black leather uniform and sit around with all the other X-Men. It's cool."

On the practicality of his powers ( Premiere Interview, 05/01/2003):

"I would say it's a very practical power because you'd be the most popular person at a party. You'd keep everybody's drink cold. You'd never have a warm drink again in your life, so that's what I'd do."

On the mutant metaphor (The Scotsman, 04/28/2003):

"The things that make the X-Men freaks also empower them, which is cool, [b]ecause when you're a teenager reading this comic book or watching the film, it's like the things that make you feel different are usually the positive things, but you don't see it at the time. You sort of have to grow into that."

On Bobby's expanding role in X2 (The Evening Times, 04/24/2003:

"Bobby's become more comfortable with himself, and there's definitely more of a feeling of being part of the X-Men team. He's also solidifying his relationship with Rogue. She's become kind of his anchor at school - and their feelings for one another begin to deepen."

On the convenience and fun of having an identical twin in the business (, date unknown):

"My first professional job was a television commercial for an Irwin toy board game. My brother Aaron actually got cast in the part but he was sick on the day, so I got to do it. Being the twin, I could step in. And on the set of X2, I'm so used to being confused with my brother that I occasionally answered to Aaron (on the film, there were two other actors, two effects guys and a lamp operator named Aaron.)"

On his first Gemini nomination (The Globe and Mail, date unknown):

"It gave me the confidence to say, 'OK, I'm doing something right here.'"

They Said...

Toronto Star Columinst Jim Bawden on Canada's Future Stars (The Toronot Star, 12/30/2005):

"My list of future stars already on their way includes David Julian Hirsh (Naked Josh), Alexz Johnson (Instant Star), Shawn Ashmore (Terry) and Stephen Lobo (Godiva's)."

SF Chronicle Columnist Peter Hartlaub on the one standout in 'Underclassman' (SF Chronicle, 09/02/2005):

"The only standout is Shawn Ashmore as a complicated rich high schooler. And although it's still unclear whether the brooding actor is going to be the next James Spader or Craig Sheffer, it's always nice to see what kinds of ice sculptures he makes in the latest 'X-Men' movie."

Michelle Tractenberg on Shawn (Toronto Star, 03/18/2005):

"He's a good Canadian boy, a great guy, [w]e met at an InStyle magazine party for the Oscars. He hates those parties, so it's a fluke that we met."

Michelle Trachtenberg on how she met Shawn (, 03/12/2005):

"Well, I put out an ad in the classifieds: 'Wanted, Superhero. Im a damsel in distress.' No, we just met, which is funny, knowing Shawn, he hates anything publicity. He's so not into that world. We met at an Oscar party and he was just like Mr. Grumpy, unhappy to be out in public and I totally approached him. I was the forward one. I take full credit and actually, weve been together a year."

Bryan Singer (director) on using Bobby Drake in X-Men (, 2003):

"There wasn't a lot of characters that were going to interact, but I liked this character and I wanted at least one person on the cusp of being an adult. I felt Shawn Ashmore, he's 18, 17, sort of on that cusp and I wanted him to play a character I like, which is Bobby. Like tomorrow, he could be an X-Man."