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Quick Facts

Full Name: Shawn Robert Ashmore

Birthday: October 7, 1979

Family: Linda (mom), Rick (dad), Aaron (twin brother, older by a minute)

Stats: 5'11" (height), brown (hair), blue (eyes)

A Brief Biography

Born in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada), Shawn and his twin brother Aaron got their start in acting at an early age when a talent scout recruited the twins from a multiple births (or as Aaron likes to put it, a multiple rugrats) support group to which their mother belonged.

Starting out in commercials and extra work Shawn has been continuously building his resume since. (His brother Aaron took a break from acting, but has since resumed his career.) In 1994, Shawn was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Lead Performance for his role in the CBC movie 'Guitarman'.

The role that got him noticed by many fans was as Jake in the short-lived TV series 'Animorphs' based on the novels by KA Applegate. He continued to build his fan base through the Disney Channel Original Series 'In a Heartbeat' (which also co-starred fellow Animorph actor Christopher Ralph.) His break-out role however, is that of young mutant Bobby 'Iceman' Drake, in the blockbuster 'X-Men' which led to a larger role in the sequel X2: X-Men United.

Other notable roles include a guest-spot on the WB favorite 'Smallville' as a teen who temporarily gains Clark Kent's powers and the Disney Channel Original movie 'Cadet Kelly' as an upperclassmen in a upstate military academy.

Besides acting, Shawn also has a passion for music. For a while Shawn and Aaron were members of a punk band, Pre-Occupied, and performed at various competitions in the Toronto area. A song the brothers co-wrote was even featured on a local label's compilation CD.

Currently Shawn shares an apartment with his brother Aaron when he is not traveling between Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

For more information, Meet the Stars of Animorphs is available for purchase which provides a more detailed, although a bit old, look at Shawn.