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Shawn in CBC TV Movie in March

According to ChannelCanada, Shawn will be starring in the CBC TV movie "Diverted" on March 8th. "[Diverted] is a fictional story inspired by what happened to the people of Gander, Newfoundland and the passengers on the planes on Sept. 11, 2001, when the Federal Aviation Authority shut down the skies over the United States. Suddenly, more than 200 aircraft flying over the Atlantic at the time had to find a new place to land.

Shawn Ashmore plays Mike Stiven, "a young air traffic controller who falls in love with a woman he never should have met."

Happy Birthday Shawn!

Happy 29th Birthday to Shawn and Aaron!

'The Ruins' on DVD

'The Ruins' will be coming out on DVD July 8th in both a rated, theatrical version and an un-rated version. You can now pre-order either or both now at Unrated Version, Rated Version. There's also an unrated Blu-Ray version available as well.

'The Ruins' Trailer Online
02.04.08 || Contributors: The Lemm has the trailer for 'The Ruins' up and a high definition version can be found over at

'Solstice' on DVD January 1, 2008
11.09.07 || Contributors: The Lemm, Kelly

It looks like 'Solstice' is going straight to video. The DVD goes on sale January 1, 2008 for around $20. You can check out the cover and some photos from the movie (one of which features Shawn) over at

'Ruins' Release Date Pushed Back

According to, the release date of 'The Ruins' has been pushed back to April 11, 2008.

A Very Belated Happy Birthday to Shawn and Aaron!

A very belated Happy Birthday to Shawn and Aaron! They turned 28 on the 7th!

'Solstice' Trailer Online
09.22.07 || Contributor: The Lemm

You can now view the trailer online over at Chiller-Diller. There's still no official release date for the movie, however is reporting that Dimension Films will be releasing the movie here in the US. You can also check out the international poster over at their site.

Shawn in 'The Ruins'
05.07.07 || Contributors: The Lemm, Kelly

According to The Hollywood Reporter Shawn has signed on to 'The Ruins' (adapted from the best-selling Scott B. Smith novel) which is a "thriller about a group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they accompany a fellow tourist on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins."

Per the IMDb Shawn plays 'Eric' and the film will be released in March 2008.

Filming begins in later this month in Queensland, Australia.

'The Quiet' on DVD

If you missed it when it hit theaters, or want to get a Shawn fix (since it has been a little quiet lately), 'The Quiet' is now out on DVD.

'3 Needles' Premiere on Showtime

If '3 Needles' isn't playing in your city, you can also catch the movie when it premieres on Showtime on December 4th at 9:00 PM. Head over to for the complete schedule.